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Wed, Oct 10, 2007

"Look at yourself in a mirror...You are the expression of the glorified, eternal Christ who lives within you.  Begin to believe that about yourself and you will start to experience His life as a daily reality."  Juan Carlos Ortiz

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Chapter 1 - (plus Table of Content) -
The Eternal Babyhood of the Believer

Chapter 2 - Veil of the Bearded and Sandaled One

Chapter 3 - The New Covenant is the Spirit

Chapter 4 - Wherever We Are, Christ Is

Chapter 5 - We Don't Know What We Have

Chapter 6 - Good Morning, Lord Jesus

Chapter 7 - Jesus Talks To Us Through Our Consciences

Chapter 8 - To Lead Is To Live, Not Just Profess

Chapter 9 - Church Without Buildings?

Chapter 10 - Let's Tell God So He Can Be Glad

Chapter 11 - What About Your Relatives?

Chapter 12 - Does God Have Any Needs?

Chapter 13 - Save Your Protocol for the President

Chapter 14 - We Cannot Choose Our Brothers

Chapter 15 - Two Kinds of Wisdom

Chapter 16 - Why Does God Love Us?

Chapter 17 - Yes, But I Love You

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